Written Exam Details

Important news for 2020—The written exam must be completed before competitors arrive onsite. Exceptions will be made for extreme circumstances with prior approval of the NCC director via email. If an exception is granted, the make-up exam will take place Wednesday, March 25, 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m. and be proctored onsite by NCCER. Only those competitors with prior approval from the NCC director will be allowed to take the exam onsite. All competitors must sit for the written exam or face disqualification from the NCC. The written exam continues to make up 25 percent of one’s overall competition score.

Competitors will complete the written exam at a local NCCER Accredited Assessment Center prior to arriving onsite. It is the responsibility of the sponsor organization to schedule test sessions directly with NCCER by emailing a request to: [email protected]  SUBJECT: Schedule NCC Test.

NCCER will contact the sponsoring organization to provide access to the written test in NCCER's Online Testing System. Information on accessing the Testing System will be provided including requirements for the testing proctor.

All exams/tests are based on the standardized craft training process. In addition to the knowledge and skills required for each competition, all competitors should have completed the NCCER Core Curriculum modules. A non-programmable calculator will be provided for the written exam, but no reference materials are permitted. 


When will the tests be available?

o   Testing must take place between January 24 – March 13, 2020

      I am not an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center.  How will my competitors get tested?

o   NCCER will facilitate finding an assessment center in your area.

o   Instructions will be sent to the sponsor contact on how to register your competitor(s) for testing.  

      How will I access tests for my competitors?

o   NCCER will send instructions to the Accredited Assessment Centers where testing has been scheduled.

o   NCCER will be providing job aids and step-by-step instructions for each testing location.

       How do I request tests to be assigned to my competitors?

o   NCCER will send out registration information based on the competitor registration list provided by ABC National/NCC.

o   NCCER will pre-assign tests to each competitor.

o   Pre-assignment will be made based on the testing registration information provided to NCCER.

       Is there a fee for the test?

o   NCCER will not be charging any fee for the NCC exams.

o   NCCER will work with Accredited Assessment Centers to waive any proctoring/administration fee for the NCC exams.

       Is there an opportunity for a “test run” of the testing system to make sure we are ready to administer the test?

o   Yes, NCCER’s testing system has a sample test that can be given.

o   Information for requesting a sample test will be included in the test registration process.

      What do I do if I have a technical issue during testing?

o   NCCER provides testing emergency/technical support Monday-Friday, 7:00am-9:00pm EST.

o   Call 888-622-3720 for support.

      What if my testing time falls outside of these hours?

o   Testing date and time will be part of the test registration process.   If you will be testing outside of the standard NCCER support hours, you can note that need on the test registration and NCCER will ensure that they have a support agent available to you for your designated testing date/time.

      Will my competitor or I know the test score?

o   No.  Test scores are only available to ABC National/NCC.